Why They Trot…

Some people run for the memory of a loved one, others for the sense of community, still others to build awareness.
Why do YOU trot? 

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All is good

“We share the opportunity to run a few steps, to be together, to count our blessings, to honor our parents, and to do our small part to support those currently living with the disease—including some very near and dear to our hearts.” —Matt O'Connor with his dad the late Judge Francis O'Connor

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In thanksgiving

I trot for my father, Charles Morelli, who I miss every day. It's great that as a community we come together on a day for thanksgiving to give thanks for the time we had with loved ones lost to this terrible disease, to raise awareness, and to support those fighting Alzheimer's today. Thanks to the organizers and all the volunteers who make the Turkey Trot happen.

— Greg Morelli, with his late father Charles


A daughter’s love

“My mother’s Alzheimer’s sensitized me to the terrible human suffering that Alzheimer’s brings to families, caregivers, and loved ones. I am proud to be part of a community that has a strong commitment to supporting people affected by this disease and raising money for research that will one day bring about a cure.” — Joyce Kerr, Shrewsbury resident


Giving back

“The Turkey Trot has become part of our Thanksgiving tradition. A way to help bring our community together to not only remember, but also to help in the effort to fight Alzheimer’s, a disease which has touched each of us either directly or indirectly.”
— Cathy & Fred Burke, Shrewsbury residents and race volunteers


Love & support

“We often have a chuckle that Mom would probably think we were all crazy for getting up so early on Thanksgiving morning to run/walk, but our ability to support one another really shines through at the trot.” —Stephen McSweeney, Shrewsbury resident, with his late mother Nancy Collins


For my dad

“I trot for my dad, Stanley Wolosz, a father of eight children, and a former elementary school principal for years in the city of Worcester. Thanks you the great event you organize. It is now a part of our Thanksgiving tradition.” —Gretchen Wolosz, race participant


We are grateful

We run/walk in memory of my grandfather. We run/walk to support others who are struggling to care for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. We run/walk to help find a cure for this horrific disease. We run/walk because it is Thanksgiving and we have so many memories for which we are grateful.”
—The Duke Family, Shrewsbury